Home Window Tinting


Home Window Tinting

Home window tinting can be a great addition to your home. It looks great, provides privacy and also reduces the amount of energy expenses you incur from heating and cooling.

Window tinting prevents excess heat from entering the house during hot summer days. In addition, it will also help with ensuring that the right level of lighting gets into your home for activities like reading books or maybe playing with your children. When excess heat is prevented from entering or exiting the house during summer and winter seasons, these tints will bring a huge saving on your heating and cooling costs.

Furthermore, you can enjoy other benefits like protecting the privacy of your loved ones, increasing the durability of windows, improving security level and look of your house.

Your windows will not only look great, but tinting also serves more purpose than you might think. Some of which can help reduce the risk of harmful UV rays.

Benefits of Home Window Tinting

  • Block More Than 99% of Harmful UV Rays
  • Reduces Heat
  • Reduces Distracting Glare
  • Damage to Interior Reduced From UV Rays
  • Enhance Appearance and Style
  • Performance Metal Utilised in Manufacture
  • Reduces Fading of Upholstery
  • Reduces Load of Air Conditioner
  • Strengthens Glass
  • Scratch Resistance


Our films reject more than 99% of harmful UV rays.

While it's rare to get sunburned through your home windows, damaging ultraviolet (UVA) rays that add to early ageing as well as skin cancer can reach you through untreated windows.
Damage from UVA rays advances as they pass through deep right into the skin and can also silently accelerate the ageing process, create wrinkles and even skin cancer cells.

Besides of bringing cooler looks, and cooler interiors to your home, home window tinting can also help with reducing energy consumption for heating and cooling and also improves safety. In the event a window is smashed, tinting can help hold it all together, reducing the risk of harm. Tinted home windows are harder to see through than untreated windows, this can help improve the privacy of yourself and belongings inside your home.

Different Tinting Products

We only use films from the best manufacturers in the world being SolarGard, LLumar and 3M Films.

Tinting your home is an investment and you should spend some time and look at the different tinting products offered by us. Whether you're after a darker window, safety film, smash resistant film, complete blackout tint or something else CONTACT US to discuss your home window tinting requirements. We would love to speak to you and guide you through the tinting process.




Home Window Tinting Prices

Prices do vary with different home window shapes and sizes, it also depends on the type of film that you end up choosing. Generally our prices are from $65.00m².