Commercial Window Tinting Perth

* Wide range of shades
* Excellent glare reduction, up to 93%
* Rejects over 99% of harmful UV rays
* Up to 73% solar heat rejection
* Protects window finishing and floor coverings
* Energy Efficient
* 10 Year Commercial Warranty
* Lifetime Residential Warranty

Commercial Tinting - Get To Know the Benefits

Many of us have a misconception that window tinting is just for cars. But, the fact is that there is house tinting and commercial tinting as well. This type of work for your commercial building will bring several benefits like these listed below:

Security & privacy

Some businesses need additional security and privacy compared to others. If your business is of such a nature, you should opt for commercial tinting. For instance, financial institutions and banks will be on the beneficial side with such window tinting. It can also be a choice for a doctor’s clinic, gym, or any commercial building where privacy is wanted. Commercial tinting can offer some protection against vandalism and crime with our security and anti-graffiti films.

Aesthetic appeal

Aesthetic appeal is something important for any business to flourish. If your business will have to meet a lot of customers on a daily basis, aesthetics become more important to attract customers. This is where a commercial tinting service can help you out. This process can bring in a unified and sleek look to your commercial store front.